Tracy Guerrero


As the CEO, she utilizes her past and present nonprofit involvement as well as her passion for social justice, in hopes that Aspen Interlink will help create equity and end the cycle of homelessness for the South Bay community.

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Maritza Hernandez

Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO, she utilizes her business and finance knowledge to make sure that your donations help our community members get the services they need.

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Cindy Uribe

Board Secretary

As the secretary, Cindy will utilize her experience and attention to detail in every effort to ensure that Aspen Interlink will be a success.

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Sabrina Moreno-Dolan

Chief Executive Officer

Volunteering and service to others are an integral part of her life. From planning large projects and donating money to smiling and making eye contact there are opportunities every day to improve peoples lives.

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Danisha Mendiola

Chief Advocacy Officer

I will be responsible for the advocacy and communication of Aspen Interlinks strategic communications and public relations activities and fundraising.

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